Where Water Tastes Like Wine?

Where Water Tastes Like Wine

For those looking to experience a unique, magical taste, look no further than a place where water tastes like wine. This seemingly supernatural phenomena is found in a few specific, exclusively natural locations throughout the world.

Why Is Water Fizzy?

It’s all thanks to a process called carbonation, where dissolved carbon dioxide is absorbed into the water. This transforms the taste of the water and adds a bit of effervescence, giving it a sparkling, bubbly texture.

Where is Water That Tastes Like Wine?

  • Fontibon, Columbia: This town in Columbia is home to a particularly special water source. Tap water in Fontibon smells and tastes like wine, offering a unique experience that’s worth traveling for.
  • The United Sates of America: Certain areas of the United States have water that tastes like wine, too. In fact, a few places in Oregon, Washington, and Pennsylvania have consistently tested as having “vino”-esque qualities.
  • The United Kingdom: A mysterious water source known as “Jacob’s Well” is found in Keld, England. This area has a reputation for producing exceptional water, with the natural flavors of red wine.

Experience the Magic

Experiencing water that tastes like wine is an unforgettable experience. Whether you travel to one of the many places around the world, or simply purchase carbonated water at the grocery story, you’ll be able to enjoy its magic firsthand.