Where Water Meets Land?

Where Water Meets Land?

The meeting of water and land is a common sight in many areas around the world; from beaches, coves, rivers and lagoons. This area where water meets land is known as the shoreline, and has many unique and interesting features.

Stunning Landscapes

A shoreline is not just shore, but is an interconnected living system full of various organisms and the occasional inanimate object. From the soft ocean surf, to the rocky formations and castles, the views of a shoreline can be simply stunning.

Diverse Marine Life

The shoreline is often blanketed with a wide variety of marine animals; from crabs, to jellyfish, and sea anemones. Coupled with the wide variety of shore birds, a shoreline can offer some amazing wildlife experiences.


As the strong force of water meets the land it causes erosion. Over time the shoreline erodes, resulting in a changing landscape.

Human Impact

The human impact on a shoreline can be significant, from landfills, to coastal development, to underwater oil rigs – humans have notoriously altered shorelines around the world.


As the shorelines are so important in the life and health of many species, it is important that they are protected and maintained. Various legal protections have been put in place to help protect the shoreline, such as the Marine Protection Act or the Environmental Protection Act.

Benefits of Shorelines

The shoreline should be seen as a vital part of our environment:

  • Habitat for wildlife – Shorelines provide a safe environment for various marine species, as well as birds.
  • Water supply – Shorelines provide clean drinking water for the local population.
  • Coastal protection – Shorelines act as a protective barrier against storms and flooding.
  • Recreation – The shoreline creates a peaceful and visually stunning environment, great for walking, swimming or just relaxing.
  • Air quality – Shorelines improve air quality, by providing increased oxygen and reducing smog.


The shoreline is an ever-changing and vibrant part of our environment, full of life and beauty. Understanding, appreciating, and protecting this natural meeting of water and land is essential for us all.